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Map and Directions

We are located on the Ben White service road at 321 West Ben White Blvd in the South Bend Center.

South Austin Community Acupuncture's storefront

South Bend Center is an old 80's strip center set back off the road just after the St. John's Lutheran Church. Bender Bar and Grill is at the front of the complex. For those who have been around awhile there used to be a Serrano's there. For those new to the area, it's called West Ben White because it is west of Congress Avenue.

  • This is on the south side of Ben White (which is also 290/71) - between S. 1st and S. Congress. This means you are heading east on the access road, towards Congress and I-35. If you get to S. Congress, you've gone too far.

  • If you are on 290/71 you'll want to take the S. 1st exit. Heading east on you want to go through the intersection at S. 1st and get over to the right lane and keep an eye out for us. Heading west on 290/71 you will also want to take the S. 1st exit, but then loop back around so you are heading back east.

  • Heading south on S. 1st (away from downtown), you'll take a LEFT onto the Ben White access road. We're on the right just a little ways down. Heading north on S. 1st you'll take a RIGHT on the access road.

  • You can also enter the back of the complex from Radam Lane, which runs behind the South Bend Center from South Congress to South 1st, and on to the South Austin Hospital. Heading south on S. Congress, Radam is the first right (at the light) after crossing Ben White. There's a lawnmower shop on the corner. The entrance to our complex is just after the Cap Metro station on the right. Just follow the parking lot to the front of the complex and you'll find us.

  • We are adjacent to the Cap Metro South Congress Transit Center. Here is Cap Metro's System Map, and Trip Planner.

    South Austin Community Acupuncture is just west of the South Congress Transit Center