Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs  on display in an herb market.

Herbal Prescribing

Herbal medicine is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and often prescribed along with acupuncture as part of treatment at South Austin Community Acupuncture. Chinese herbal medicine uses mostly plant materials, but also some mineral and animal/insect materials.

Chinese herbs are most often used in combinations of multiple ingredients, unlike Western herbs which are more traditionally used singly. Many of these formulas have been used for literally hundreds of years, with many classical formulas still in use today dating as far back as 220AD. Chinese herbal prescribing is without doubt one of the most advanced systems of herbal prescribing on the planet.

Our Training as Herbalists

Extensive classroom and clinical training, passing a national board exam, and continuing education in Chinese herbology are all required to practice acupuncture in the State of Texas. In fact, Licensed Acupuncturists are the only health profession in Texas required to have formal training in herbology as a core requirement of their training and licensing.

Herbal Dispensary

At South Austin Community Acupuncture we stock a wide range of Chinese herbal products:

  • Patent Medicines

Mostly we direct our patients to Chinese patent medicines, which means herbs and formulas in pill or tablet form, because these formats are most practical for most people.

  • Granulated Extracts

We use Taiwanese granulated herbal extracts to make custom formulations as necessary. Granules are consumed by adding hot water to make an instant tea.

  • Raw Herbs

We also have an ever evolving dispensary of bulk dried herbs. Bulk herbs are prescribed in formulas and boiled in water to produce herbal decoction for either internal or topical use.

Chinese Medicine Dermatology

Wally has specific training and an avid interest in helping patients with skin disorders with Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine has recognized the major dermatological conditions for millennia and can offer profound and lasting results in many instances. Typically this involves the use of internal and topical herbal medicine, but sometimes just one or the other depending on the nature and the extent of the condition being treated.

If you have a skin condition you'd like help with, call the clinic and they will put you in contact with Wally directly.