Information for Patients

  • Our waiting room.
    Our waiting room.
  • A peak inside the group treatment room.
    A peak inside the group treatment room.
  • Group room.
    Group room.
  • Nice and cozy in a recliner getting acupuncture
    Nice and cozy in a recliner getting acupuncture.
  • Community Acupuncture during a pandemic, masked and spread out.
    Community Acupuncture during a pandemic, masked and spread out.
  • Chinese herbal mediine.
    Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Front desk.
    Front desk.
  • Open until 8pm Mon - Thurs.
    Open until 8pm Mon - Thurs.

South Austin Community Acupuncture offers affordable acupuncture in a comfortable group setting.

Acupuncture is by appointment.

  • We offer acupuncture on a radical $20 - $40 sliding scale. You pick what you pay. We do not verify income, we simply ask that you pay fairly. There is also an additional $10 new patient fee with your first visit.
  • Acupuncture for HAAM members is a flat $20.
  • Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted. We do not bill insurance.
  • We charge $15 for missed appointments or late cancellations. Appointments must be canceled or rescheduled the day before during our business hours.

For your appointment

To help everyone have the best possible experience in the clinic, please review the following important information ahead of your appointment:

  • Eat a little something beforehand.

It is generally recommended to have something in your stomach prior to treatment.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Wear clothes you can easily pull up above your elbows and knees, and if you have a specific part of your body you want us to work on please wear something so we can access that part of your body.

  • Be clean.

Especially your feet: You will be treated in a room with other people and your practitioner will be touching you.

  • Refrain from wearing cologne, perfume, oils, or lotions.

Many people are sensitive to smells, and oils and lotions make needling difficult and can ruin our sheets.

  • Cell phones in the clinic.

Cell phones must be off in the clinic. You’re welcome to listen to music on your device with ear buds, but just make sure your phone is not making sounds or vibrating.

  • Quiet please.

Please enter and exit the group treatment room quietly and speak softly when talking in the group room. Acupuncture is very relaxing, and people often fall asleep. Along those lines, you might want to bring earplugs as some people snore.

  • Help us keep things running smoothly.

Please keep the area around your chair free of personal belongings and be ready when we come to treat
you: Take your shoes and socks off, roll up your sleeves and pants legs, and kick your chair back.

  • Let us know if you need to leave by a certain time.

We encourage you to allow ample time when coming for acupuncture. While treatments typically last somewhere around an hour, you are generally welcome to stay as long as you like - so just let us know if you need to leave by a certain time.

  • Please make arrangements for childcare.

We do not have the resources to supervise unattended children.